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The “La Piazzetta” restaurant opened on June 26, 1996 in Imperia (Italy), a small but picturesque town overlooking the Ligurian Sea, on the border with France. It takes its name from the place where it is still located in the small square of Sant Antonio nr 35, Imperia.

(In Italian “piazzetta” is the diminutive of the “piazza”!)

From the beginning, our Menu has been conceived in a very simple way, but suitable for people who eat together and have the pleasure of sharing food from the table. The way to serve and present – done directly in the pots, pots or cutting boards – follows this concept of speed and you can taste different types of dishes at the same meal. In 2000, young Lauro joined the Piazzetta staff. After more than a decade, Lauro eventually became the owner of this restaurant.

After years and years of positive experiences and favorable reviews from our numerous Dutch customers who return to our restaurant in Imperia every year, we made the decision to open our first restaurant abroad in Holland. “La Piazzetta” will always remain a family business. The eldest son, Florin, is the manager of the restaurant in Den Haag.

We are happy to give you a warm “welcome” in our restaurant with the hope of spending good times in a peaceful, pleasant atmosphere and to see you again as soon as possible!

-Lauro and his family!

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